Mentoring Music Matters is a project born thanks to a group of music professors who have in common the illusion to help and guide musicians families who they don´t know how to find professional advises when their sun/daughter  has decided to become a professional musician.


About MMM


MMM is created to provide honest and objective advice to the elementary and medium level music students and their families who are being recruited to study music while they are in college age.

Our goal is to help parents/students to choose the right teacher, trainer, coach and/or school. Make sure the child gets a degree, and help him/her to develop a set of “life skills” that will help to have a terrific career (in the music world or any other world) after the music education time is over.


MMM will tell the parents the whole truth about what playing an instrument teaches, and the whole truth about professional music world, especially the truth about whichever superior schools your son/doughter is considering. Then, they will choose more wisely and at the end of the higher music education, will be better prepared for the rest of the life.

MMM believes in the need of communicating with other parents . It really helps to know you’re not alone. MMM will make communicating with lots of other parents easy and free. 

MMM is going to be the first net for parents of amateur and professional music players from all over Europe.

 To achieve this Mentorship of the music students, MMM will use the following tools:


This project will include many activities divided in two main fields:

1.-Academy: individual master classes, ensembles, orquestral meetings, concours, teaching practice and leisure time activities (theatre, sport, etc.).

2.-Festival: involving performances of all the students and/or teachers who participate in the project.