The International Horn Academy Festival of Aragon (IHAFA) was created in 2009 to get over the problematic situation in classical music in general and in the French Horn world particularly: It does not exist a real structure and coordination between the elementary and intermediate levels of education (students aged 8 to 18) and the superior education (over 18 years old).

The academical and artistic direction team are the horn teachers of the aragonaise Conservatories: Pablo Castañé, Amadeo Catalá and Miguel A. Gracia.

This project includes many activities divided in two main fields:

1.-Academy: individual master classes, horn ensembles, Orquestral repertoire, teaching practice and leisure time activities (theatre, sport, etc.).

2.-Festival: involving performances of all the students and/or teachers who participate in the project.

Academy Objectives:
-To coordinate elementary, intermediate and higher educative institutions methodology getting close to the archetype of a good education from the beginning.

– Constant and Technical updating of the horn teachers through the advice of the Professors of the superior schools.

-To foster music students’ learning of languages. Students should realize the importance of languages and thus they will be encouraged to practice languages from the beginning of the education.

-To provide students with proper career guidance & counselling.

Festival Objectives:

– To bring to public of the work made during the meeting by performances.
Those performances include:
Solo recitals, Solo with piano, Solo with horn ensemble, Solo with symphony orchestra.

– To bring classical music closer to the society, through the audience of the festival and the public master class.

The meetings are organized every six months, with mentorship to families and musicians participants in the program.

The successful of this project is consequence of a big implication of professors, teachers, students and families.

Since 2014 AFITA-IHAFA is inside of the project Mentoring Music Matters .

MMM is the extrapolation of the model AFITA-IHAFA to other specialities.