He is a classically trained musician present for years in numerous musical and theatrical projects of various kinds. He studied at conservatories in Zaragoza and Rueil Malmaison (France) where he received a special award  and two gold medals unanimously.

Belongs to the group of composer and guitarist Joaquín Pardinilla, with whom he has also recorded several albums, participated in the last two mounts Dance Company of Miguel Ángel Berna, “Amares” and “Goya”. Along with this dancer and  Carmen Paris  worked as a musician in the show “new blood”, with which they toured major cities and theaters in the country.

He has accompanied live to Mª José Hernández, Eduardo Paz, “Luggage” theater company , Pingaliraina Theatre … and participated in recordings with Eliseo Parra, José Antonio Labordeta, Jorge Sarraute, Puppeteers of Binefar, Rebel Greyhound … He has recorded more twenty discs.

With the Aragonese composer Miguel Ángel Remiro and contemporary Flamenco ensemble group has carried out a number of performances that have led them to the Flamenco Festival of the Auditorio de Zaragoza, to the congress palace in Zaragoza and to international musical festival Europe in Munich. In this festival they represented to Spain through the Cervantes Institute and obtained an unprecedented success.

With the Trivium Klezmer group has performed at major festivals and venues such as South Pyrenees, Zaragoza Main Theatre, Philharmonic Theatre in Oviedo, Caixa Forum in Madrid, Tarragona, Lleida, Musical Fortnight San Sebastián, CC Matadero de Huesca, Girona, Vic , France, International Festival of Getxo and the important Festival of the three cultures of Murcia as the only Spanish group. They have sold over 3000 records his first work “Klezmorin” and posing “Ekléztico” his second studio.


Since 2005 he is professor of clarinet at the CPM of Huesca.