Date:  24st to 26th, April 2015

Place: C.P.M “José Peris Lacasa”

Alcañiz (Teruel)- SPAIN.

Professors: Bernardo Cifres & Amadeo Catalá & Miguel A. Gracia


CATEGORY A. Aimed at students in elementary teaching and first courses of profesional degree. These prices include daily group classes and a professional report for to guide the student  . Fee € 41

CATEGORY B. Aimed at students in advanced course of profesional degree. This price includes individual lessons daily, report for to guide the student, translation of reports into English (if necessary), group technique classes and  a work with ensembles. Fee € 164

CATEGORY C. Aimed to student or professional interested in attending than listeners Fee 50€

CATEGORY D1Individual Master Class (1 hour).Fee 99 €

CATEGORY D2Individual Master Class (1/2 hour).  Fee 62 €


  • Limited places. Admission by order of registration.
  • Pay the fee into the account:

IBAN: ES06 3080 0008 1221 3205 0713    BIC: BCOEESMM080  

Concepto: student name/MMM-Horn-HIAFA April2015

  • Required for admission, submit the registration and proof of income. Deadline: 22sd April, 2015 (except for C mode, which will end on 24rs April).
  • For registration:


S p o n s o r s & C o n t r i b u t o r s:

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