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Data: July 2 –  July 3, 2016
Place: Valderrobres (Teruel)

Tribunal: Pascal MoraguésJ.Luis Royo, Carlos GarcíaEnric Rodríguez,  Alvaro Carrillo.



CATEGORY A. Clarinetists born between 1 January 1997 and 31 December 2000

CATEGORY B. Clarinetists born between 1 January 1991 and 31 December 1996


The organization will award a single prize by category .

Category A: Diploma. Free Registration for the MMM!  clarinet course* taught by Pascal Moraguès and Emilio Ferrando from 4 to 9 July 2016  and a concert or several concerts** as a soloist with the Profesional Conservatorie of Alcañiz.  And Buffet Crampon’s barrel and bell model Icon valued at 400 €.

Category B: Diploma . Free registration for the MMM! clarinet course* taught  by Pascal Moraguès and Emilio Ferrando from 4 to 9 July 2016  and a concert or several  concerts** with OFMISV (Orquesta Filarmónica Martín i Soler Valencia).  Buffet Crampon’s barrel and bell model Icon valued at 400 €.   And *** a trip to Paris to visit the factory of Buffet Crampon and the National Superior Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris

* The MMM! clarinet course will be from 4th to 9th July 2016 in Valderrobres. The prize does not include accommodation during the course. 
** The solo concerts of the winners will be on dates to be determined throughout 2017 and will not be paid. MMM! will pay € 100 for expenses.

***The trip includes airfare and a hotel night for one person. The winner will be accompanied by one of MMM’s clarinet teacher .

Program of the competition:


Preliminary round.   “Rapsodia per clarinetto solo de G. Miluccio” and “Studio nº 4 de Bach, 21 pezzi per clarinetto”  editorial Ricordi.

Final round.  First movement of “Concierto nº 1 en F menor de C.M. von Weber” and First movement of “Sonata para clarinete y piano en mib mayor Op. 167 de Saint Saëns”..


Preliminary round.   “Studio primo per clarinetto de G. Donizetti” and “Tres piezas para clarinete solo de I. Stravinsky”.

Final round. First movement of “Concierto nº 2 en Mi bemol mayor opus  74 de C. M. Weber” and first movement of “Sonata para clarinete y piano de Francis Poulenc”.


On 2nd April at 4 p.m.,  reception of candidates it will take place in the music school  from Valderrobres,  located on  Belchite street # 18 from the same locality.

On 2nd April at 5 p.m., will develop  the first stage of the competition .

On 3rd April at 7,30 p.m., will develop the final competition which will be open to the public


    • PARTICIPATION ORDER : in alphabetical order. It will raffle the first letter.
    • Both phases will be open to the public.
    • IMPORTANT! In case you have not sent a photocopy of ID attached by email, it’s required to present before the start of the preliminary round of the competition.
    • The contestant who fails to appear at the time set will be eliminated.
    • Jury decisions are final, it being empowered to resolve all issues that were not expressly provided herein.
    • MMM!  has the image rights and dissemination of all performances and the right to modify any of the sections of these rules reserves.
    • In the case of suspension of the contest the amount of the registration fee will be refunded.
    • When participants enroll, they accept the content of these rules and regulations made.



Entry fee : 90 Euros for all categories non refundable.

Join in Account:

IBAN: 3080 0008 1123 0810 3510    BIC: BCOEESMM080




Avd. Aragón 19. 44600 – Alcañiz (Teruel – SPAIN)


student name / MMM – CLARINET COMPETITION 2016

* Accommodation at special rates in Valderrobres are available. ( Hotel Castell )

The organization provides a range of accommodation in Valderrobres for students who request it. Limited places.

The organization provides a range of accommodation in Valderrobres for students who request it. Limited places.

FULL BOARD: 48€ person / day

It’s not required to book the entire stay. You can select the days and / or meals you want to book.

The price of the hotel services is :

– Lunch or dinner. 10,50 € in “Fonda la Plaza”

– Bed. 16€ in “Hostal El Castell”

– Breakfast 4€  in “Hostal El Castell”


The accommodation income will made in conjunction with the contest fee.   BOOKING ACCOMMODATION

More information about accommodation:

Tfno: (+34) 978 890 470




MADRID  -------- (AVE O BUS) ------------ ZARAGOZA -------- (BUS) ------------- ALCAÑIZ* (TERUEL)
BARCELONA ----- (AVE O BUS) ---------- ZARAGOZA -------- (BUS) ------------- ALCAÑIZ* (TERUEL)
BARCELONA ------------------------------ (BUS: LINK HIFE) -------------------- VALDERROBRES (TERUEL)
VALENCIA ------ (BUS) ------------- TERUEL ---------- (BUS) --------------- ALCAÑIZ* (TERUEL)

* The town of Alcañiz is 35.5 Km from Valderrobres, there is a bus line that runs between the two towns but the frequency is low; if you do not find means to scroll to Valderrobres you can contact us in advance and we can go pick you up to Alcaniz. (



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