Date: July 4 – July 9, 2016

Location: Valderrobres ( Teruel ) – Spain

Professors:  Pascal Moragués, Emilio Ferrando, Juan Luis Royo and Carlos García



  • Limited places. Admission by order of registration.
  • Pay the fee into the account:

IBAN: ES88 3080 0008 1123 0810 3510    BIC: BCOEESMM080




Avd. Aragón 19. 44600 – Alcañiz (Teruel – SPAIN)


student name / MMM – CLARINET COURSE SUMMER 2016

  • Required for admission, submit the registration and proof of income. Deadline: June 24th, 2016.
  • If for some reason, the student will can’t attend the course,  be withheld 40% of the total amount (tuition + housing), for the costs of registration arrangements.
  • For registration fill the following form and send the proof of income at



MODALITY A.  Aimed at students in elementary teaching. Includes individual lessons,  technical work  in group  and ensembles, with JuanLuis Royo and Carlos García (every day). Fee € 260

MODALITY B. Aimed at students of profesional degree  (freshmen to fourth grade). Includes individual lessons, technical work  in group  and ensembles, with Juan Luis Royo and Carlos García (every day). Fee € 302

MODALITY C. Aimed at students in 5th and 6th year of vocational education, students from higher teachings and postgraduates. Includes daily individual classes with guest teachers (Pascal Moraguès / Emilio Ferrando), technical work  in group  and ensembles with Juan Luis Royo and orchestral repertoire with Carlos García, plus professional guide report. Fee € 387.

MODALITY D. Aimed to student or professional interested in attending than listeners Fee  €150

* Accommodation at special rates in Valderrobres are available.

The organization provides a range of accommodation in Valderrobres for students who request it. Limited places.

FULL BOARD: € 246 – 6 days course (The booking includes full board from dinner on Sunday 3rd to lunch on Saturday 9th)

The price of full board accommodation at the six-day course is 233 €: first dinner service Sunday, July 3rd, the accommodation will end with the lunch on Saturday July 9th .
It’s not required to book the entire stay. You can select the days and / or meals you want to book.

* The price of the hotel services is :

– Lunch or dinner. 10,50 € in “Fonda la Plaza”

– Bed. 16€ in the apartments of  “Hostal El Castell”

– Breakfast 4€  in “Hostal El Castell”

The accommodation income will made in conjunction with the course fee.   BOOKING ACCOMMODATION

More information about accommodation:

Tfno: (+34) 978 890 470




MADRID  -------- (AVE O BUS) ------------ ZARAGOZA -------- (BUS) ------------- ALCAÑIZ* (TERUEL)
BARCELONA ----- (AVE O BUS) ---------- ZARAGOZA -------- (BUS) ------------- ALCAÑIZ* (TERUEL)
BARCELONA ------------------------------ (BUS: LINK HIFE) -------------------- VALDERROBRES (TERUEL)
VALENCIA ------ (BUS) ------------- TERUEL ---------- (BUS) --------------- ALCAÑIZ* (TERUEL)

* The town of Alcañiz is 35.5 Km from Valderrobres, there is a bus line that runs between the two towns but the frequency is low; if you do not find means to scroll to Valderrobres you can contact us in advance and we can go pick you up to Alcaniz. (



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