Daniël Vissers (1998) – Piano

Daniël Vissers was born in Maastricht on 6 march 1998. At the age of nine he started playing the piano. His first teacher was Sylvia Berghs. At the age of thirteen he started studying at the young talent class of the conservatory in Maastricht. Here his piano teachers were Katia Veekmans and Alejandro Serena Llinares. Theory lessons were given by Rik Bastiaens. In 2016 Daniël Graduated from high school and started his education at the conservatory in Maastricht with Joop Celis as main subject teacher.

Daniël participated in several competitions. He won prizes in the Prinses Christina competition in 2010, 2011 and 2015. In 2012 and 2014, he was finalist in the Prix Dominique competition. In 2016 he was broadcasted live on Radio 4. Next to playing solo repertoire, he also accompanied musicians several times.

Daniël received masterclasses from Alan Weiss, Jeroen Riemsdijk, Enrique Bagaria, Anastasia Safonova and Enrico Pace.