Data: July 4 –  July 5, 2015
Place: Valderrobres (Teruel)

Tribunal: Pascal MoraguésJ.Luis Royo, Carlos GarcíaEnric Rodríguez.



CATEGORY A.Clarinetists born between January 1, 2000 and December 31, 2002.

CATEGORY B. Clarinetists born between January 1, 1996 and December 31, 1999

CATEGORY C. Clarinetists born between January 1, 1990 and December 31, 1995

Entry fee : 80 Euros for all modes non refundable.

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Avd. Aragón 19. 44600 – Alcañiz (Teruel – SPAIN)

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student name / MMM – CLARINET COMPETITION 2015


    • On day 4 in 4 p.m. the reception of candidates will take place in public school music from Valderrobres,  located on  Belchite street # 18 from the same locality .
    • On day 4 in 5 p.m. the first stage of the competition will develop.
    • Day 5 afternoon the final competition which will be open to the public will develop.




The organization makes available to all candidates for free accompanist for the competition.

Program of the competition:


Preliminary round : Studio nº 7 (Petite musique de nuit K. 525) del Libro Iniciación a Mozart vol. 2 de G. Dangain & Studio nº 8 (Jack and Gervase, the jolly gerbils) de libro Pets de P. Harvey.

Final round : Fantasistykke (Fantasía para piano y clarinete) de Carl Nielsen.


 Preliminary round.   Rapsodia per clarinetto solo de G. Miluccio & Preludio de la suite nº 2.  J.S. Bach.

Final round.  Choose the first movement of one of these concerts: Concierto nº 1 en F menor de C.M. von Weber / Concierto nº 2 en F menor  opus 5 de B. H.  Crusell / Concierto en E b. Mayor opus 36 de F. Krommer.


Preliminary round.   Studio primo per clarinetto de G. Donizetti &  Tres piezas para clarinete solo de I. Stravinsky.

Final round .  Choose the first movement of one of these concerts:  Concierto nº 1 en C menor opus 26 de L. Spohr / Concierto nº2 en E bemol mayor opus  74 de C. M. Weber / Concierto en A Mayor de W. A. Mozart.


The organization will award a single prize by category .

Category A: Free Registration for clarinet MMM course taught by Carlos García and Juan Luis Royo from 6 to 11 July 2015 and Diploma .

Category B: Free Registration for the course clarinet MMM taught Pascal Moraguès and Emilio Ferrando from 6 to 11 July 2015 and a concert or several concerts as a soloist with the resident orchestra of MMM playing the Concerto No. 3 Stamitz and Diploma .

Category C: Free registration for the course taught clarinet MMM Pascal Moraguèsr and Emilio Ferrando from 6 to 11 July 2015 and a concert or several solo concerts with a semi-professional orchestra playing Mozart ‘s Concerto and Diploma .

* The prize does not include accommodation during the course. 
* The solo concerts of the winners of the modes B and C will be held on dates to be determined throughout 2016 and will not be paid. The organization will cover travel and accommodation expenses of the winners during the days of rehearsals and concerts, leaving the expenses for meals by the person concerned.

* Accommodation at special rates in Valderrobres are available. ( Hotel Castell )

The organization provides a range of accommodation in Valderrobres for students who request it. Limited places.

OPTION I: apartment for 3-4 people on full board * 36 € person/day

OPTION II: room or apartment for 1-2 persons full board * 46 € person/day

The accommodation income will made in conjunction with the contest fee.   BOOKING ACCOMMODATION

More information about accommodation:

Tfno: (+34) 978 890 470


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