Date: July 9 – July 13, 2014

Location: Valderrobres ( Teruel ) – Spain

Professor:  Philippe Cuper, Emilio Ferrando, Juan Luis Royo and Carlos García


  • Places are limited. Admission by registration order .
  • Entry fee in Account:

IBAN: ES06 3080 0008 1221 3205 0713    BIC: BCOEESMM080
Concept: student name / MMM- Clarinet Julio2014

  • Required for admission send the registration form along with proof of payment before July 10, 2014 , to the following e- mail, fax or adress:

E-mail:  Fill this contact form

Fax al núm. (*34) 978 890 764.


Metoring Music Matters.

C/ Codo, 13.

44580 – Valderrobres (Teruel)

Registration form in pdf. (In Spanish)
Also can fill here the application form


MODALITY A. Aimed at students of elementary teaching . It includes individual lessons , group technical and ensembles , with Juan Luis Royo and Carlos Garcia (every day ) . Fee € 208

MODALITY B. Aimed at students of professional education ( 1st year to 4th) . It includes individual lessons , group technical and ensembles , with Juan Luis Royo and Carlos Garcia (every day ) . Fee € 282

MODALITY C. Aimed at advanced students of professional education (5th year and 6th) , students of higher and professional studies. Fee € 340 . Includes daily individual classes with guest teachers ( Philippe Cuper 9, 10 and 11 / Emilio Ferrando on 11, 12 and 13) , group technical and ensembles with Juan Luis Royo and orchestral repertoire with Carlos García (all day) report plus professional guide.

MODALITY D. Directed to student or professional interested in attending as a listener. Fee € 100


  • Qualified staff to manage the younger students’s leisure and study time.
  • Access to the swimming pool facilities .

* Accommodation at special rates in hotels Valderrobres ( Hotel Castell and others) are available. See information in pdf .


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